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I keep thinking about all those many mediocre people who jump around yelling they’re smart and special while so so many outstanding, super-intelligent & super-interesting people stay quiet and hidden and make you jump around yelling when you discover their awesomeness ..

We live in a time where the focus is on how to better “sell” yourself (not that I have anything against learning how to better do this), but many of us forget about the fact that we also have to increase our value and not just get better at marketing ourselves while staying mediocre. So many motivational books teaching us to tell ourselves in the mirror each morning that we are awesome .. Yes, we are! But you’re getting it wrong. This doesn’t mean we are at our peak. This doesn’t mean we are the smartest. Or that life nowadays is only about freakin’ marketing.

Think about this: let’s say you have a product and it’s selling. It’s quite good, you got some nice feedback, you feel proud about it. And then you focus all your efforts and money in marketing your product and nothing goes to R&D. The more you invest, the more you genuinely think its value has increased. Where do you end up?

Now think about you as your product. And please, please, please stop jumping around yelling that you’re awesome while doing nothing to improve your knowledge. And also please stop telling me that you have to be loud and pushy to succeed. I just don’t believe in this being the universal recipe.

Thanks 😉

Mediocrity vs. Talent - It's not all about marketing

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