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Let people see you

Trappings and charm wear off… Let people see you. They see your upper arms are beautiful, soft and clean and warm, and then they will see this about their own, some of the time. It’s called having friends, choosing each other, getting found, being fished out of the rubble. It blows you away, how this wonderful event ever happened — me in your life, you in mine.. (read the rest)

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A Romanian expat in Vancouver (interview for

Recently, I was invited as Special Guest on to talk about my experience as an expat living in Vancouver. I moved to… Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) approximately 2 years ago. Before that I lived in... Romania: Bucharest (for 2 years) and Iasi (for the first 24 years of my life). The reason for moving here was… Love! The kind of love that hits you, knocks you down (in a healthy way!) and you just know you’ve got no choice but to listen to your heart 🙂 Now, don’t imagine that was an easy decision to make. What matters now is that, looking back, I can definitely say that was the best decision I’ve taken in my life...(read the rest)

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Things we should say more often

I'm not a New Year's resolutions type of person, but I have to admit new year's beginnings often make me pensive. I'm not necessarily looking back at what I did in the previous year, but rather at where I am right now and what's to be improved in the close future about myself (there's always something to improve about ourselves, [...]

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It’s not ALL about marketing

I keep thinking about all those many mediocre people who jump around yelling they're smart and special while so so many outstanding, super-intelligent & super-interesting people stay quiet and hidden and make you jump around yelling when you discover their awesomeness .. We live in a time where the focus is on how to better "sell" yourself (not that I [...]

Dear social media, here’s what I like about you

Look left, look right. Social media everywhere. We just use them every day, sometimes without actually knowing why and to what purpose. I have a challenge for you, forget about NSA and all the other possible ugly parts of using social media and join me in this exercise! If you were to choose one thing (and only one) you really like about each of the current most popular social media sites, what would you choose? (read the rest)

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Blogging in a foreign language

What happens when you suddenly jump from speaking and writing in your native language to doing this in a foreign language? How accurately and genuinely can you still express your ideas? Can you still get into it and enjoy the state of flow? Or are you constantly interrupted because you just don’t find the best words to express yourself? And how long does it takes until one can think fluently in a foreign language? (read the rest)