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A Romanian expat in Vancouver (interview for

2017-05-18T19:58:05-08:00 March 18th, 2014|Life in Vancouver|

Recently, I was invited as Special Guest on to talk about my experience as an expat living in Vancouver. I moved to… Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) approximately 2 years ago. Before that I lived in... Romania: Bucharest (for 2 years) and Iasi (for the first 24 years of my life). The reason for moving here was… Love! The kind of love that hits you, knocks you down (in a healthy way!) and you just know you’ve got no choice but to listen to your heart :) Now, don’t imagine that was an easy decision to make. What matters now is that, looking back, I can definitely say that was the best decision I’ve taken in my life...(read the rest)

Blogging in a foreign language

2017-05-18T19:58:05-08:00 November 16th, 2013|Digital marketing, Life in Vancouver|

What happens when you suddenly jump from speaking and writing in your native language to doing this in a foreign language? How accurately and genuinely can you still express your ideas? Can you still get into it and enjoy the state of flow? Or are you constantly interrupted because you just don’t find the best words to express yourself? And how long does it takes until one can think fluently in a foreign language? (read the rest)