A Romanian expat in Vancouver (interview for XpatGirls.com)

2017-05-18T19:58:05-08:00 March 18th, 2014|Life in Vancouver|

Recently, I was invited as Special Guest on XpatGirls.com to talk about my experience as an expat living in Vancouver. I moved to… Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) approximately 2 years ago. Before that I lived in... Romania: Bucharest (for 2 years) and Iasi (for the first 24 years of my life). The reason for moving here was… Love! The kind of love that hits you, knocks you down (in a healthy way!) and you just know you’ve got no choice but to listen to your heart :) Now, don’t imagine that was an easy decision to make. What matters now is that, looking back, I can definitely say that was the best decision I’ve taken in my life...(read the rest)